About The Space

The Moonlit Chalet is situated on 17 acres connected to an additional 90 acres where Garden of One, Rachel & Brian reside. All 107 acres of land is encompassed by A Promise to Gaia, our land conservation & stewardship. On the land is a 9 acre lake, several ponds and streams, forests, gardens (including a Moon Garden), native ecosystems and a multitude of wildlife, birds, mammals, aquatic creatures, insects, butterflies and more. We are a wildlife and butterfly sanctuary and protect many native at-risk species. There is a labyrinth, an area called the “Sacred Hollow” and the “Fairy Glen”.

The Chalet was built in the 1960’s as a “camp”, an uninsulated, single pane windowed structure suitable for summer use only. When the Chalet was renovated in 1995, it was fully insulated, windows replaced, skylights installed, porches and deck built. When we purchased the property in 2016 we installed custom paper flooring, (a process, and well worth it), painted, furnished decorated, planted and loved the Chalet into the sanctuary that it is now. There are several 3-D printed moon lights in the Chalet and touches of aspects of the Moon for people to discover and enjoy.

Inside you will find an open concept living & kitchen area that looks out to the forest and lake, a room with books and games, puzzles etc that overlooks the stream that runs beside the building. Comfortable seating, beautiful views, peaceful surroundings.

From the front deck and the side porch you can gaze at the lake, watch the wildlife and admire the sunset. There is also a Firepit area with log seating, a hammock (or two), gardens to stroll through and nature to connect with.