(Please see important information at the bottom of this page**)

Private Retreats

The time you spend at The Returning Center is led by what you need, for comfort and for healing. 

Releasing Trauma
Working with Family and Childhood issues
Relationships, of all kinds
Body issues
Focus issues
Grief, Letting Go, Moving on
Starting over
Managing your energy
Finding Joy & Contentment

Retreats are for the integration of body, mind and soul/spirit and often have a multifaceted approach. Some of the sessions that may be incorporated into your Private Retreat:

Far Infrared Sauna – detoxing, pain management & immune strengthening

Ionizing Foot Bath – detoxing and immune boosting

Hand Massage/Reflexology – relaxing and excellent to soothe the whole body

Foot Massage/Reflexology – relaxing and excellent to soothe the whole body
(Note: the hand the feet and the ears, mirror the whole body, so you can work the entire system by working on just the hands or the feet)

Foot Kansa – Kansa is a special wand used in Ayurvedic practice. This process detoxes and balances the body systems

Chakra Alignment & Balancing – hands on healing using Universal Life force to align and balance the energy systems of the body, with a specific focus on aligning and balancing the chakras

Energywork – hands on healing using Universal Life force to align and balance all the systems of the body

Soul Work – a form of energy work that can utilize many different modalities, depending on your intention and what your Soul needs.

Sound Healing / Group Sound Bath – using singing bowls and other instruments to help form a deep relaxation and connection to the earth & cosmos

Product Consults — muscle testing for Garden of One products — we produce 600+ energy based holistic products to balance body, mind, emotions, soul/spirit.  https://gardenofone.com/online-store/

Flower Essences & Aromatherapy Consults — muscle testing for remedies or custom blends

Wellness Consults — addressing health concerns through a body/mind/energy perspective

Creative Expression – vision boarding, mandalas and more

Energy Management Skills – how to recognize and manage your energy to maintain balance in your life

Nature is Alive – how to consciously connecti with nature

Conscious Dialoging – a way of working through stuck thoughts, feelings, actions and energy

For health and safety reasons, pets, emotional support animals, comfort animals, and other ‘personal’ animals are not allowed anywhere on the property.

Service animals that are trained to perform specific tasks and are required because of a disability are allowed on the property. However, for health, safety, and structural reasons, they may or may not not be allowed inside the building. If you require a trained service animal please contact us. We respect your privacy and do not need to know the details of your disability. However, you’re welcome to tell us as much or as little about any disabilities as you’re comfortable with.

Service animals in training are not allowed anywhere on the property. Regardless of any health & safety concerns, the attention that’s required for training is directly opposite to the intention of your time here.

COVID Awareness:  For everyone’s safety please be prepared to provide proof of vaccine or negative test pre attendance.  Please bring masks and be prepared to wear them, if needed.